Harmonious Design

Here at Pebbly, we believe it’s the little things that make a big difference. It all started when our founders took a surfing trip to a pebble beach, located in a small village in France. Nicolas and Amy are a couple of entrepreneurs who are passionate about nature, surfing, and protecting the oceans. They challenged themselves to create a sustainability movement and find an easy way for people to make a difference, right in their own kitchens.  This idea was our little ripple, that caused a big wave – and Pebbly was born. Pebbly allows them to create their own designs using natural materials, while encouraging zero-waste solutions all inspired by nature. Our mission is to inspire new rituals for a natural, positive, and responsible daily life. Pebbly is more than a collection of sustainable cooking essentials; It’s a lifestyle. And a choice. 

Your personal well-being is our concern. That’s why we design each of our sustainable kitchen essentials to be as aesthetically pleasing and functional as they are purposeful. Pebbly is our way of inspiring small changes that can start right in your kitchen, to make you feel good about doing good. With Pebbly, you can do something good for an entire planet of people every day just by making a few simple swaps. Bring some of this positive energy into your kitchen – that’s what we call good kitchen karma. Combining a minimalistic French design with sustainable and responsibly sourced materials, Pebbly creates essentials that serve a higher purpose. Whether you’re exploring the world of composting, fighting waste-reduction, or simply trying to organize your kitchen, Pebbly has something beautiful and eco-friendly for all!

Shop the look!: Seeour glass storagecontainers, as pictured here!

We exist to provide the world with beautifully designed products that make it easy to do what you do every day, just a little bit better. Because the truth is, doing good is also a beautiful thing. That’s just one reason why we encourage responsible consumption - meaning only buying what is beautiful, useful, and necessary: no more and no less! We know how important itis to make the most of your space, which is why at Pebbly each of our products is thoughtfully designed to encourage smart kitchen organization. From stackable glass containers to bamboo cooking utensils, Pebbly ensures easy solutions for organizing your pantries or countertops. Created with shapes to optimize your kitchen space and a variety of colors to choose from, everything at Pebbly is designed to bring you peace of mind. After all, when your kitchen is in order, so is your mind.

Your kitchen can lookthis beautiful too with our stackable glass containers – equipped with glass lids for visibility whenstoring!

Shopping sustainably is a win-win situation, for both you and the Earth! Let Pebbly empower you to create small daily rituals that make you happier and healthier, while protecting our planet. Pebbly offers an easy solution to make a difference in the world around you, and make you feel good while doing good. It all starts with us - with every little ripple, together we can create waves, so explore the collection now!