Some waves start with a ripple.

At Pebbly, we believe every little choice we make has the power to add up to true, lasting change. We exist to inspire our community through the modern, functional, user-friendly design of our products made only of the highest quality, sustainable materials that empower small daily rituals that make us happier, healthier people while also protecting our planet - proving that with every little ripple, together we can create waves.


What we believe

We are all part of the solution.

Changing our future is up to all of us, and as simple as making small, simple choices in our everyday lives that impact our health, happiness and the wellbeing of the planet.

What goes around your table comes around.

Our products are not only made with ethically sourced, sustainable materials, they’re designed to kick-start a cycle of good that begins with something as small as a product you use every day but inspires a whole lifestyle of intentional living.

Treat the planet how you want to be treated.

With Pebbly, putting a little extra thought into how you care for those you love translates to protecting nature and our environment—it’s just as simple as that.

A little good goes a really long way.

With every new customer who chooses to Live Pebbly, we’re adding another ripple to the impact we can make together, and how far it can reach.


Better living starts with better materials. We make better choices so you can, too.

  • Borosilicate Glass

    Borosilicate Glass

    Hard to say, easy to get behind. This specific type of glass is free of BPA phthalates & other toxins making it a smart choice for our planet’s health. Not only that but it can handle temps of 570 degrees Celsius, is smell and stain resistant, safe for food contact, and oven, freezer and dishwasher-friendly—making it a better choice for you and your family’s food storage.

  • Organic Cotton

    Organic Cotton

    We choose organic cotton over traditional cotton because it requires far less water and is much stronger and more durable because it grown without pesticides, insecticides or chemicals—which means it can handle all your shopping needs for years, while looking nice and being a better choice for the environment.

  • Bamboo


    What makes bamboo such an ethical choice for our cutting boards, spatulas, tongs and more is that it’s the fastest growing grass in the world, requiring no fertilizers or pesticides and very little water. Bamboo can reharvest 33x faster than trees! Plus, it’s incredibly durable and moisture resistant, perfect for food prep and handling. Which is a win-win, for you and the planet.



Everything we do, we do all in


Like all participating organizations, we commit 1% of all proceeds to environmental causes—so when you shop with us, you’re giving, too.

Wings of the Ocean

We participate in de-pollution days organized by this non-profit on a mission to clean up beaches and coastlines while raising public awareness of the consequences of single-use plastic.

As a company, we’re also committed to

  • The reduction of food waste and single-use plastic
  • Achieving zero-waste solutions
  • Eliminating plastic from all of our packaging
  • Using only natural and sustainable materials
  • Partnering with factories that conduct social and environmental audits.