5 Organization Tips for an Aesthetic Kitchen 

A successful kitchen is equally beautiful and functional which makes preparing meals both enjoyable and easy. When your ingredients and tools are well-organized, cooking is more pleasurable, and even cleanup is less of a chore. And when your kitchen space is beautiful to look at, you’ll feel more encouraged to spend time there. With a little planning and a few simple tools, you can simplify your mealtime routines and create a space that’s aesthetically appealing. After all, when your kitchen is in order, so is your mind! 

Below, you’ll find our best organizing advice for creating a harmoniously designed kitchen.  

1. Make Ingredients Visible 


When you can easily see everything that’s available to cook with, it not only helps you plan meals but also helps cut down on food waste. That’s because you’re reminded of which ingredients that you’re running low on, and which foods you want to finish before they expire.  


The easiest way to know what you have at a glance is to store as much as possible in clear glass containers. Keep the color, design and style of the containers consistent for a more elegant, organized look that can help calm potential kitchen chaos and show off your design skills. Pebbly offers eco-friendly and elegant glass containers with both clear lids and bamboo lids. Not only are these containers stackable, they’re also square to maximize your storage space. Use smaller containers to store spices and dried herbs, and larger containers for staples like dried pastas, beans, flours, and rice.  

2. Keep Items You Use Together in the Same Place  


Take a moment to think about the foods and drinks you prepare the most, and what tools you need to make them. Then, group those tools together and store them in an easy to access place. 

If you make coffee every day, keep your coffee grounds and any measuring spoons or pour-over tools near the mugs. If you take your coffee with sugar, add that to the group too. We love Pebbly’s glass storage container with bamboo measuring spoon for this kind of setup, because the container has a loop designed to hold the spoon, so it’s easy to keep both items together. These containers are available in two sizes, to fit whatever ingredients you need to store. Did we also mention it looks super cute to store your coffee beans this way? Chic and functional! 


When everything is at hand, it makes a morning ritual efficient and stress-free.  

3. Choose Multifunctional Products

When you have products that can multitask, it not only cuts visual clutter but also allows you to own fewer things and simplify your kitchen. For example, Pebbly’s 2-in-1 shopping and storage basket moves seamlessly from the kitchen counter to the farmer’s market, just unclip the cotton bag from the jute basket and you’re ready to go. It’s available in 3 different sizes, for whatever ingredients are on your list. Plus, this bag looks way cuter in your cabinets or on your counter than simply throwing your produce in a bowl.

Another great tool that has multiple uses is Pebbly's 3-in-1 bread box, which lets you store, slice and serve all kinds of baked goods. The box’s bamboo lid can be used as a serving platter and a cutting board, saving you space and helping to simplify storage needs. It comes in a neutral cream color, guaranteed to match beautifully in any kitchen. The bread bag matches tools too!

4. Store Tools Where You Use Them

When it’s time to stir the pot, you don’t want to be digging through a cluttered drawer. Instead, consider keeping a curated collection of cooking tools on the counter right next to the stove. Pebbly's bamboo utensil crock is a minimalist vessel that will look at home in any kitchen.

Choosing cooking utensils with matching colors and designs, like the collection in Pebbly’s meal prep master bundle, can also help make your cooking area look more organized and intentional. The neutral bamboo beautifully compliments the red handles, which add a fun pop of color to your countertop!

If you prefer neutral colors, try Pebbly’s Bamboo Salad Server Set. Bonus – the cream color of the handles matches perfectly with the Pebbly 3-in-1 bread box! This combo will keep your kitchen functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

5. Use Visual Reminders to Create Good Habits  


The old adage “out of sight, out of mind” is all too true when it comes to trying to start new habits. If you’re working on becoming healthier or living more sustainably, creating visual cues for yourself can help serve as daily reminders.


If you want to start composting but have a hard time remembering that food scraps shouldn’t go in the trash, consider placing a compost bin on the counter next to your food prep area. Not only is this convenient, but it also helps you get in the groove of a good habit by reminding you of your eco-friendly intentions. Available in two colors (cream and slate), this chic compost bin will fit perfectly under the sink or on the countertop, thanks to its compact size. Bonus – the bamboo handle will create a harmonious kitchen design when paired with all of Pebbly’s other bamboo kitchen products!

Pebbly’s Cut & Compost Bundle includes a storage basket, bamboo cutting board, and compost bin with charcoal filter, so you can harmonize healthy eating and helping the planet right at home. These three products match together wonderfully on your countertop.

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